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AdFender by AdFender, Inc. is a free to use browser plug-in that will help you disable annoying ads that may spoil your web surfing experience. Even though there is no information about the release of AdFender for Mac, there are other tools that can successfully block the ads. Here is a list of programs that can easily replace AdFender for Mac.

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WebGuard Free

by Denca Alexandru

WebGuard is your solution to block annoying ads, video ads, banners, user tracking services, social widgets, and other web content on Mac. You can also filter your own website domains and make the navigation faster, safer, and cleaner.

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iOS Ads Remover for Mac Free

by Tenorshare Co., Ltd.

Tenorshare iOS Ads Remover for Mac is an app ads remover program for iPhone, iPad and iPod that can block all ads in apps. Key features of Tenorshare iOS Ads Remover are:

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Adguard Free

by Adguard Team

Adguard is a simple yet very helpful ad blocker designed for Mac. Unlike other ad blockers, this program comes as a standalone tool and works with multiple browsers.

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ScamZapper Free

by AppleClub

ScamZapper promises to help you have a nicer Internet browsing experience by blocking scams. Although it works just like a standard pop-up blocker, it only stops a specific type of pop-ups, which is those suspected of being scams.

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WebShield Free

by Denca Alexandru

WebShield makes your Internet experience safer, cleaner, and faster. The program can block ads, video ads, user tracking services, malicious, and dangerous sites on any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and all Mac applications that display...

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