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Advanced Renamer by Hulubulu Software is an application that can help you rename multiple files and folders at once using various methods. Even though there is no version of Advanced Renamer for Mac available on the market, there are other tools that can take its place. Here are some alternatives to Advanced Renamer for Mac.

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NameChanger Free

by MRR Software

NameChanger is exactly what its name implies: a program to help you rename files on your Mac. This application might prove to be of good use when organizing your photo collection and wish to rename a large amount of pictures to fit a certain...

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A Better Finder Rename 8 Free


A Better Finder Rename 8 is a file renaming utility. This application has been around for quite some time, and I have read only good things about it. Now that I have had some time with it, I can too say that this is an excellent tool.

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Easy Rename Free

by Valeriy Chevtaev

Easy Rename is a program for Mac that helps you batch rename files and folders with little effort. You can use this application to ease things up whenever you need to change the filenames for a wide range of pictures that you imported from your...

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Quick File Renamer Free

by Rebrand Software

Quick File Renamer is a handy application that lets you change the name of multiple files at once. The renaming options are comprehensive, including both simple and complex renaming algorithms.

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Renamer Free

by Incredible Bee Ltd.

One way to organize your media files or documents is to rename them according to a certain criteria, like embedding the artist or writer name or the creation date.

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Name Mangler Free

by Many Tricks

Name Mangler is a utility that enables you to batch rename your files with minimum effort. The application supports drag-and-drop actions and batch processing, immediately changes the names of the imported files, and doesn't slow down your Mac...

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Rename Free

by Pathos

Rename is, as its name suggests, a program that helps you change the file name of your documents. This application might come in handy if you're a system administrator, experienced photographer or any other type of user who requires a quick...

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Ant Renamer
Ant Renamer for Mac

Ant Renamer by Ant Software is a free-to-use piece of software that will help you rename multiple...

spacetornado Renamer
spacetornado Renamer for Mac

spacetornado Renamer by spacetornado is a free piece of software that gives you the possibility...

Lupas Rename
Lupas Rename for Mac

Lupas Rename (or Lupas Rename 2000) by Ivan Anton Albarracin is a free application...

Rename Files Sequentially Software
Rename Files Sequentially Software for Mac

An application that can rename files sequentially can help you rename a bunch of files...

Bulk Rename Utility
Bulk Rename Utility for Mac

A bulk file renaming application can come in handy if you want to rename a large number of files...

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