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Back To Earth 2 by Alawar is a free space arcade scrolling shooter where you pilot a space ship and destroy enemy spacecrafts and bosses. Even though Back To Earth 2 for Mac has not been released, there are other space shooters you can play on Mac. Here is a list of replacements for Back To Earth 2 for Mac.

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Back To Earth 2 for Mac OS X: Best alternatives Our editors hand-picked the best Mac alternatives to Back To Earth 2, go ahead and check them out, rate them, or add new ones you find fitting.


Blast Free

by baKno

Blast is an exciting arcade game that offers you unlimited hours of space shooting adventures. Your objective is to destroy the enemy spacecrafts while making sure you don't collide with other ships or get hit by one of their missiles.

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AstroMenace Free

by Viewizard

AstroMenace is a hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities. Main features: - 22 playable ships with unique characteristics. - 19 unique weapons with the easy drag-and-drop weapon mount mode.

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Astro Shooter Free

by Andrzej Pliszka

Astro Shooter is an awesome arcade game base in space. The main objective of the game is to destroy as many asteroids as possible. The game allows you to store your highest scores.

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Alien Bang Bang Free

by Gamechanger AS

Alien Bang Bang is a classic space shooter arcade game. You take on the role as a brave space pilot and blast your way through hordes of invaders.

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Space Defender Lite Free

by DRK Industries/Entertainment

Space Defender Lite is a vertical scrolling shooter. In this game, you control a little ship and your goal is to kill as many enemies as you can before being destroyed. The ship can be controlled either using the W, A, S, D keys or the arrow keys.

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Shoot Hero Free

by Jose D. Bamhaoud

Shoot Hero is an arcade space shooter game for Mac. Travel through space and shoot wacky evil machines. Use arrow keys to move and space bar for shooting. Four different play modes:

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AirAttack Free

by Art In Games s.r.o.

AirAttack is Award Winning next-generation top down air combat shooter with stunning 3D graphics alongside great audio, effects and awesome gameplay. Features: - 10 Great Missions - 64 Different Enemy Types - Numerous Upgrades and Special Weapons

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Argonaut Free

by Danlabgames

More than just another Asteroids clone, Argonaut - 2149 has a mining objective, special weapons, and formidable adversaries, while retaining the 2D rock-splitting glory of its vector-based predecessor.

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Radiant Free

by Hexage Ltd

Radiant is a very good space action shooter for the Mac. It looks a lot like Galaga, but with better graphics and a nice weapons system. In the game, you have to shoot down enemies that appear at the top of the screen and move around.

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prototype4 Free

by Sebastian Volland

prototype4 is a retro-looking arcade space shooter. The game can be played on your web browser or you can download it on your Mac from the Mac App Store.

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Sun Blast Free

by OBLONE Software

Two enemy races launch a devastating attack, foretelling the end of our world! The only chance for survival is to seek and destroy all enemy starships, which are the main threat.

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