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ColorMania by Blacksun Software is a free-to-use color picker that can help you quickly find the color codes for any desired color. Even if a version of ColorMania for Mac has not been released, there are other color pickers that you can use on your system. This list provides you with some alternatives to ColorMania for Mac.

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ColorTagGen Free

by R.A.D. Productions & Ron Davis

ColorTagGen is a free application for Mac that was designed to generate HTML or CSS tags for any desired color in no time. This tool may be regarded quite useful, especially if you don't want to waste any of your time trying to get...

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mColorDesigner Free

by D&O Inc.

mColorDesigner is a screen color picker which displays color values in MUNSELL, RGB, HEX, HSB, XYZ, xyY, Lab, LCH, and CMYK formats. Handy hot keys are provided to copy color values to clipboard easily.

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Persistent Color Picker Free

by Fingertips B.V.

Persistent Color Picker gives the default OS X Color Picker its own window. You’ll never again lose the color panel when you switch between applications; It’s just always there when you need it!

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Color Picker Pro Free

by Critical Matter, Inc

Color Picker Pro is a small drag and drop savvy application that aids in capturing hex, RGB and HSL color values for use in CSS and HTML production. It provides live magnification that lets you capture any pixel on your display.

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Sip Free

by Olá Brothers

Sip is a simple yet efficient color picking utility designed for Mac. This application sits in your Menu Bar, provides you with easy-to-configure settings, immediately identifies color codes, keeps track of recent discovered shade codes...

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Pipette Free

by Charcoal Design

Pipette is a teeny-tiny piece of software that will help you grab the hex codes of your favorite colors. As its name suggests, Pipette just picks up colors from the screen, detects their hex code and displays them on the screen.

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Pochade Free

by Fuel Collective, LLC

Pochade provides users with multiple ways of selecting and capturing color values. It provides a color picker that can retrieve any color from the screen, support for different color spaces and the means to manage multiple colors within collections.

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Color Picker Free

by NSCoding

Color Picker is a capable program that has been created by NSCoding team for graphic designers and Cocoa developers. This Mac utility provides you with a quick and efficient way to identify color codes on your computer and paste...

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ScriptColors Free

by Wooden Brain Concepts

ScriptColors is a simple color picker for AppleScript (Studio) development that copies color decimal values {41386, 56284, 45323} to the clipboard using the default OS X color picker.

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HueGo Free

by piDog Software

HueGo is a simple yet helpful color picker that comes in handy to digital artists and web designers. By working with this program you can easily identify and copy to clipboard any color values, zoom in areas from your desktop to select a shade...

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Color Maker Free

by Francesco Burelli

Color Maker is a program designed for Mac users who need to know the color codes of any shade. This application might prove to be of good use to graphic designers who require assistance in selecting the perfect colors for their projects...

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Just Color Picker Free

by SoftPerfect Pty Ltd

Just Color Picker is a program developed for graphic designers and digital artists who wish to identify and save color codes on their Macs.

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Color Picker Free Free

by Whatsfocus

Color Picker Free is a very good color picker software for Mac. This free application provides developers with copy the code of the hex color value, and provides a more comprehensive apple developers code copy function, support Objective...

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ColorSnapper2 Free

by Koole Sache

ColorSnapper2 is a program that comes as an alternative to using Mac's Digital Color Meter application for identifying color codes.

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ColorSeeds Free

by Computer Services Y Mas

ColorSeeds is a great color picker that enables you to focus on your next creative project. It is fun, fast, and easy to build, sample, explore, share, and compose boundless color palettes.

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