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DiskCryptor by diskcryptor.net is an open source piece of software that gives you the possibility to encrypt your disk partitions to make them inaccessible to other users. Sadly, a version of DiskCryptor for Mac has not been developed, so, you will have to use similar applications to complete this task. This list contains some replacements for DiskCryptor for Mac.

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DiskCryptor for Mac OS X: Best alternatives Our editors hand-picked the best Mac alternatives to DiskCryptor, go ahead and check them out, rate them, or add new ones you find fitting.


MacFort Free

by MadowSoft,inc

MacFort is an innovative utility which gives you the ability to easily encrypt and password protect individual files and folders, applications and their associated files.

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TrueCrypt Free

by TrueCrypt Foundation

TrueCrypt is a software system for establishing and maintaining an on-the-fly-encrypted volume (data storage device). On-the-fly encryption means that data is automatically encrypted or decrypted right before it is loaded or saved...

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Knox Free

by AgileBits Inc.

Knox is a uniquely integrated encryption and backup solution that makes securing your files easier than ever. Create as many encrypted vaults as you want, each with separate passwords. Then schedule automatic backups.

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Encrypto Free

by MacPaw Inc.

Encrypto is an easy-to-use utility that helps you prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private files while you're away from your computer.

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SecureDoc Free

by Winmagic

SecureDoc encrypts the entire hard drive for Macs on a sector-by-sector basis, and enables authentication at pre-boot to ensure maximum security.

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BestCrypt Free

by Jetico Inc

BestCrypt is a system encryption tool for the Mac. It allows you to create encrypted "containers", where you can store files. These containers are password-protected and there are different encryption algorithms that you can choose to protect them.

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Zed! Free

by Prim'X Technologies

Zed! is a file encryption program designed for users who need to protect sensitive data from prying eyes. This utility comes in handy whenever you need to send emails containing private documents to co-workers or clients and wish to encrypt...

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Cloudfogger Free

by Cloudfogger GmbH

Cloudfogger is a tool that encrypts your data on the local device before it gets uploaded to the cloud. That guarantees that Dropbox and others never get access to the content of your files.

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VeraCrypt Free


VeraCrypt is a free disk encryption software brought to you by IDRIX (https://www.idrix.fr) and that is based on TrueCrypt. It adds enhanced security to the algorithms used for system and partition encryption, making it immune to new developments...

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DataLocker SkyCrypt Free

by DataLocker

Cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive make it fast, easy and affordable to store and share data. We use these services for everything from valuable intellectual property to corporate documents and even precious family photos.

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Second Copy
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