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Garmin MapSource by GARMIN Corp. is a piece of software that will help you create, view, and edit waypoints, routes or tracks and transfer them to your GPS device. Garmin MapSource for Mac has not yet been released, but there are several similar tools that you can use instead. Here is a list of replacements for Garmin MapSource for Mac.

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  • Guest, 5 years ago

    It's a real shame that MapSource was abandoned by Garmin. The so-called replacement (BaseCamp) tries to be all things to all people. "If you've got a GPS - any GPS - this is for you." BUT, if you are simply wanting to construct a route across - say - France, BaseCamp is excessively fiddly and insists that you travel by AutoRoute/MotorWay automatically. BaseCamp does at least allow one to move route lines about, BaseCamp (the clue is in the name - Camp!) is way too complicated.

  • Guest, 5 years ago

    Obviously people who do not allow MapSource to work alone do not work with it on a daily basis, which is a pity that MapSourse has to go through BaseCamp.


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