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hott notes by Joel Riley is a freeware application that can help you create sticky notes and place them on your desktop to remind you of various tasks. As hott notes for Mac cannot be found on the Internet, you are welcome to try out one of the alternative sticky notes apps for Mac. This list provides you with several replacements for hott notes for Mac.

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hott notes for Mac OS X: Best alternatives Our editors hand-picked the best Mac alternatives to hott notes, go ahead and check them out, rate them, or add new ones you find fitting.


Stickies Free

by Apple Inc.

Stickies - multiple color notes on your desktop. Notes help you organize your workflow and your life. There are many places people leave their notes at: doors, refrigerators, bathroom mirrors, but there is one place...

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SketchBox Free

by Ole Zorn

SketchBox is a useful application that enables you to take notes whenever you need to be reminded of project deadlines, grocery shop lists and many other.

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abcNotes Free

by ALSEDI Group

abcNotes is an application designed to assist you in taking notes and managing to-do lists. It takes advantage of your device touchscreen, providing a realistic look and feel of paper sticky notes.

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Stick 'Em Up Free

by Jim McGowan

Stick 'Em Up is a nice and simple application that allows you to create sticky notes very easily and fast. However, the best thing about this application is that you can organize your notes in categories and assign them any color you want.

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sidenote Free

by Pierre Chatel

Sidenote is a simple and original note-taking application which is activated when you hover your mouse on the left or right side of your screen. To create a new note, simply click on "New Note" and, then, select a name, and the note's color.

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Sticky Notes Free

by Random Sequence

With Sticky Notes you can keep notes on your computer screen, keep lists where you'll find them. Line them up - sticky notes snap to each other's edges. Send a Sticky to the screen of a fellow user! Features:

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Sticky Brainstorming Free

by Aderstedt Software AB

Sticky Brainstorming is, well, brainstorming using sticky notes. If you haven't tried it, it's a method for holding productive meetings to collaboratively develop ideas.

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Sticky Notifications Free

by Matt Gemmell

Sticky Notifications is a very flexible system utility that lets you create notes on your Mac easily, and, best of all, quickly. The application puts an icon on your menubar when it is running.

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GloboNote Free

by GloboNote

GloboNote is an open-source program designed for users who wish to keep track of their daily notes and to-dos on their Macs. This feature-rich application is very simple to handle, provides you with numerous ways to customize the appearance...

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Antnotes Free

by AntLogic

Antnotes is a simple to-do list manager designed for Mac users who wish to easily keep track of their daily tasks. This program sits on your Menu Bar from where you can change the way it operates, add and customize your notes, and access its help...

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    Dear Annette,
    Since hott notes is available only for Windows for now, we have made this list of the best alternatives to this application. Hopefully...

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