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Internet usage monitors are applications that can help you track the usage of your Internet service. Such apps can be quite helpful if your ISP (Internet service provider) offers you a limited amount of data traffic for monthly usage. Luckily, this list provides you with several Mac Internet monitors, that will help you track the Internet usage on your Mac.

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Bandwidth+ Free

by Harold Chu

Bandwidth+ is a Mac program that lives on your Menu Bar and provides you with details regarding your network usage. The application is simple to handle, provides you with a comprehensive help manual, and offers you accurate information.

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SurplusMeter Free

by SkoobySoft

SurplusMeter is a handy application for Mac developed by SkoobySoft and is used for calculations regarding amount of downloaded and uploaded data.

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Examinet Free

by Digitician

PeakHour is a beautiful, network traffic visualiser that lives in your Mac OS menu bar. It provides an instant view of your Internet or WiFi activity in real-time.

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TraffiX Free


This program is an internet traffic rate monitor. If your ISP (like Comcast) is implementing or threatening usage caps on your internet service, you can use TraffiX to see if you are one of the “over-users” that they are bleating about.

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UsageTracker Free

by Adam Marcus

UsageTracker allows you to monitor and set restrictions on your data usage. Getting started with UsageTracker is simple. First select how you are connected to the internet and then how much data you are allowed to use.

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iiUsage Free

by Harold Chu

iiUsage is an usage meter for iiNet users. It shows your internet usage in the menubar. Simple design and it works perfect on any network. Allows the user to monitor the traffic on a network or modem interface.

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NetUse Traffic Monitor Free

by DewDrop Studios

NetUse Traffic Monitor provides the best way to monitor your network traffic on the Mac. Utilizing the SNMP feature of any modern Internet router or gateway, NetUse monitors and collects real-time Internet usage statistics for all the computers...

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SNMP Test Utility Free

by DewDrop Studios

SNMP Test Utility is used to check if your network gateway or router provides remote management and monitoring functionality. Is your monthly usage capped by your Internet Service Provider?

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