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MB-Ruler by Markus Bader is a piece of software that was designed to help you measure the distance between two points on your screen. Even though MB-Ruler for Mac has not yet been released, there are plenty of other screen rulers for Mac. The following list provides you with some of the apps that can serve as alternatives to MB-Ruler for Mac.

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MB-Ruler for Mac OS X: Best alternatives Our editors hand-picked the best Mac alternatives to MB-Ruler, go ahead and check them out, rate them, or add new ones you find fitting.


Free Ruler Free

by Pascal

Free Ruler is a screen ruler for OS X with many intuitive features. Great for Web developers, graphic designers and programmers. Features: - A horizontal and vertical ruler which can be used independently or simultaneously.

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Onde Rulers Free

by Ondesoft

Ondesoft Screen Rulers for is a simple yet very efficient utility that enables you to measure any object from your Mac desktop in pixels, inches, picas, centimeters, and other multiple customizable units.

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kruler Free

by Till Krech

KRuler displays on screen a ruler measuring pixels. Its main features are:integrated color picker; an ability to change the length of the ruler; change the orientation of the ruler; change the color, transparency and font of the ruler.

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Crosshairs Free

by Giant Comet

Crosshairs is a screen ruler app for quickly getting the dimensions of anything on your screen. You can drag a transparent overlay overtop of any app and adjust the box as much as you need.

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Euclid Free

by Nicholas Jensen

Euclid is a screen ruler application for the perfectionist developer/designer. It gives you the ability to set a global hotkey to trigger Euclid and help make your UIs pixel perfect.

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xRuler Free

by hewbo

xRuler is a tiny and easy to use OS X screen pixel ruler application for your Mac. It features horizontal ruler & vertical ruler, show pixel point, and it can launch at log in.

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SnapRuler Free

by Blade Polska s.c.

SnapRuler is the first on-screen measuring tool which gets the job done. Three clicks -- and boom -- the dimensions you want are in your clipboard. That quick.

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NewscopeRuler Free

by com.newscope

Ruler is a beautiful designed pixel ruler for your Mac. It allows you to measure images, windows and other objects on your screen. Features: • Add one or more horizontal and vertical rulers which can be used independently • Measurement in pixels

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ARTIS Screen Ruler Free

by ARTIS Software

Screen Ruler is a desktop utility displaying translucent rulers on top of all the windows on your screen. It provides horizontal and vertical rulers. Background may become translucent (but not the ticks).

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ScreenRuler Free

by com.claro

ScreenRuler is a visual software tool to assist with reading on the Mac. The ScreenRuler software provides a strip or ruler across the screen, which can have the contrast changed and have the background greyed, colored or dimmed out.

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Rulers Free

by com.trilithon

Rulers is an app that lets you measure, align and inspect everything on your monitor(s). Rulers allows you to create as many rulers as you want on the entire screen area like most common graphic editors allow on their working areas only.

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Screen Ruler Free

by Sprightly Software
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