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Minesweeper is a famous puzzle video game where your goal is to clear a board without detonating the hidden mines. If you wish to play Minesweeper on Mac, feel free to check out one of the games we've found. These are not the default games you would play on a PC, but they will surely satisfy anyone who is looking for Minesweeper for Mac.

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BombSquad Free

by Eric Froemling

The explosively fun puzzle game for Mac OS X. Remember the '90s fun of Minesweeper? Renew your addiction with BombSquad and its hypnotizing sound effects, powerful graphics, and explosive fun!

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Seagoing Minesweeper Lite Free

by Andrey Nazarenko

Seagoing Minesweeper Lite is a great version of this popular game for Mac. Minesweeper is a strategy game in which you need to clear a mine field. When you have cleared the whole field without hitting a mine, you'll win.

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Minesweeper Deluxe Free

by SimplyGame

Minesweeper Deluxe is a single-player board game for Mac where your goal is to reveal squares from the grid without detonating any hidden mines. You need to deduce which of the tiles are mines or safe squares.

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Minesweeper 101 Free

by Ross Franklin

Minesweeper 101 is a very simple strategy game for the Mac. If you have been a Windows user at any point in your life, then you know this classic game. Mac users might not, because the game doesn't come with Macs.

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Master Minesweeper Free Free

by com.ensenasoft

Master Minesweeper Free is an exciting version of this classic game with 3 levels of difficulty for extra fun! Mark where mines are by click and holding for 2 seconds.

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Minesweeper Free

by Shawn Lankton

Minesweeper is a refreshingly clean, yet authentic interpretation of the classic strategy/puzzle game. The object of the game is to identify all mine squares by revealing all non-mine squares. The best minesweeper experience available. FEATURES

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Mine Swept Free

by Vince Tagle

Mine Swept is a game similar to the classical Minesweeper (an app which can be found in the default installation of any Windows PC). Your goal is to reveal all the board squares that aren't hiding mines.

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