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PC Auto Shutdown by GoldSolution Software, Inc. is a piece of software that was designed to help you set your computer to automatically shut down at any desired time. Even though there is no version of PC Auto Shutdown for Mac available for download, there are lots of alternative apps applications that you can use to shut down your Mac automatically. Here is a list of tools that can serve as replacements for PC Auto Shutdown for Mac.

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PC Auto Shutdown for Mac OS X: Best alternatives Our editors hand-picked the best Mac alternatives to PC Auto Shutdown, go ahead and check them out, rate them, or add new ones you find fitting.


Timer Boom Free

by Mighty

Timer Boom is a free multi-purpose timer utility. The app consists of a single window that lets you set a timer. When the countdown clock reaches zero, one of many actions can be carried out.

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Ultra Shut Down Free

by Shock Utility

Ultra Shut Down helps you schedule some Mac functions: shut down/sleep/restart. With this program you can change alert function. Ultra Shut Down contains an easy to use scheduler and timer.

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Bulldog Free

by Belkin International, Inc.

Bulldog Plus is designed to provide end users the ability to take proactive steps to protect their equipment from power related damages.

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Shutdown Timer Free

by Mario Schreiner

Ever watched a video and wanted your Mac to automatically stop? Ever downloaded something and didn't want your Mac to sleep while the download is running, but go to sleep afterwards?

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Mac Shutdown Free

by Tension Software

This utility is exactly what its name implies: a program for shutting down your Mac. With its help, you can schedule system shutdown at any time and/or date you like.

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iShutDown Free

by iShutdownApp.com

iShutDown allows you to automatically sleep/shut down/restart your Mac with a countdown timer. It can be useful with operation that can take a lot of time and you can't go out or go bed.

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EZSwitch Free

by MirageApps

EZSwitch is a tiny and simple application that can be used as a power switch for your computer. If you want to know why you would need another application to turn off your computer when this is a basic Macintosh option, the answer is simple...

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iControl Free

by iLifeTouch & Co

iControl is a multi-purpose timer app that can carry out many actions. As its name suggests, it lets you control when your Mac will shutdown, restart, log out, sleep, or when it shouldn't sleep.

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SleepyTimer Free

by Alan Slattery

SleepyTimer is a simple, uncluttered menu bar application that allows you to set a timer and have your Mac go to Sleep, Shutdown, Restart or Log out when the timer runs out.

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iAction Free

by Kaisatec

iAction is a very useful system utility that lets you schedule actions. There are five different actions available: Restart, Shut Down, Log Out, Sleep and Shut Down Monitor.

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NIWO Slumber Free

by com.niwosoft

NIWO Slumber is a smart Tool/Timer which can shutdown, restart, sleep or logout your computer at a given time (e.g. in 1 hour). You can use this tool to turn of your Computer at night or when you want to make a break at a given time.

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Lullaby Free

by mani.de

Welcome to Lullaby, the world's easiest and most beautiful sleep and shutdown timer. Watching a movie or letting your Mac process a lenghty task and want to automatically set it to sleep or shutdown after a specific period of time?

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Auto Scheduled Task Free

by ReadmeSoft

Auto Schedued Tasks allows you to schedule any script, program, or document. Main features: - Supports timer, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. - Supports AppleScript. - Supports Automator Workflow. - Backup you Time Machine only at your desired time.

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