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Quad-Lock Unit Converter by Quad-Lock Building Systems is a piece of software that can convert values between various types of measurement units (like Area, Distance, Temperature or Velocity). Unfortunately, Quad-Lock Unit Converter for Mac is not a viable solution, therefore you will have to install one of the alternative unit converters for Mac. Here is a list of alternatives to Quad-Lock Unit Converter for Mac.

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Quad-Lock Unit Converter for Mac OS X: Best alternatives Try out the alternative software to Quad-Lock Unit Converter for Mac which was thoroughly picked by our editors to satisfy your needs.


Calculator Free

by Apple Inc.

The Calculator application allows you to perform simple arithmetic calculations, complex logarithmic calculations and logical operations. It includes three modes: basic, programmer and scientific.

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Converto - The Unit Converter Free

by FIPLAB Limited

Converto - The Unit Converter is a program that comes in handy when trying to convert between various types of units. You can use this simple application whenever you wish to convert currencies from dollars to yens, yards to meters...

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MConvert Free

by White Wizard Productions

MConvert is a very useful unit conversion utility. In all, twenty-seven conversion groups are supported, including acceleration, angle, area, base, fuel consumption, currency, data storage, temperature, and time.

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Translate Convert Free

by gvdev.com

Translate Convert is a great tool for Mac OS X. It combines both a unit converter and a machine translator in a single window. There is also a VAT (value added tax) calculator.

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KoalaCalc Free

by Macropod Software

KoalaCalc is a Mac application that allows you to perform advanced scientific calculations in an instant. This tool can appear very useful if you are a math student or if you simply want to perform advanced calculations with little effort.

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Equals Free

by milos krsmanovic

Equals is an easy-to-use unit converter that comes in handy whenever you need to perform accurate calculations from one measuring unit to another;

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Elements Free

by A. Maitre & J. Foucher

Elements is an educational application that helps you learn more about the periodic table (Mendeleev's table) and its chemical elements;

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ConverTable Units Free

by Synergy Creations(TM)

ConverTable Units is a simple application to convert various units. Lots of tools of the kind have already been created, but there are (at least) two big reasons to use Synergy Creations' ConverTable Units:

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Unit Converter Free

by com.operasoftware.Widget

Unit Converter is the perfect tool if you need to quickly convert between units. Unit Converter has the ability to convert between many different types of units listed below: - Angle - Area - Bits & Bytes - Density - Electric Current - Energy

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