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Real Temp by is a piece of software that was designed to monitor the temperature of your CPU. Even if there is no version of Real Temp for Mac available for download, there are other tools you can use to check your processor's temperature. Here are some alternatives to Real Temp for Mac.

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iStat Menus Free

by Bjango Pty Ltd.

iStat Menus is a Mac utility that displays various system performance details in your Menu Bar. With its help, you can monitor your CPU usage, sensors temperature, fan speed, weather information for your current area, and many others.

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CheckMyMac Free

by Roma

CheckMyMac allows you to learn your Mac's hardware by monitoring its usage. The program monitors Mac hardware info, CPU cores usage, RAM consumption, VRAM usage, GPU usage, and FANS Rpm.

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SystemPal Free

by Vincesoft

SystemPal (previously named MemoryTool) is the best tool to monitor your memory/CPU usage status, CPU temperature and fan speed. With this app, you can just click a button to free the wasted memory.

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MiStat Free

by Bjango

Keep an eye on all your Mac's vitals with MiStat, a beautiful system monitor.LOTS OF STATS.MiStat shows detailed information for your CPU, memory, disk usage, temperatures, fan speeds, disk activity, network activity and processes...

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DesktopMonitor Free

by ibuick

DesktopMonitor is in order to monitor Intel Mac's fans speed and CPU/GPU temperature and shows the result on the top of your desktop. It can show the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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LoadViewer Free

by define68

LoadViewer is an application for the system menu bar of Mac OS X, shows simple system's activity like CPU, Memory and Disk. It informs you that current CPU load, free memory and free disk space.

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MagicanLite Free

by com.magican

Magican Lite is a free system monitor utility. It could help users monitor CPU and memory usage, watch on download and upload speed and detect temperature of CPU and GPU from the tiny and flexible floating window.

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SensorX Free

by cz.aladdin

DON'T LET OVERHEAT YOUR MAC! SensorX watches actual and historical temperature extremes for all processor cores. • sound/message alert if a temperature gets too hot • watches your CPU temperature • shows current min and max temperatures of CPU cores

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Monitor Center Free

by Fairylabs Inc.

Monitor Center shows your CPU temperature, memory usage, network activities, etc. All features are integrated in an transparent window and can be dragged to your favor position or can be embedded to your wallpaper.

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Cooler Controller Free

by SetMinami

Cooler Controller is a fan controller that uses Arduino uno, Mac and PWM 12V DC fan. With this simple and easy to use application you can monitor your CPU temperature.

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Temperature Gauge Pro Free

by Tunabelly Software

Temperature Gauge Pro is an application that allows you to control fan speeds, monitor temperatures and find faulty sensors in your Mac. Main features: - Discover faulty fans and temperature sensors with the built-in diagnostics.

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