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Robocopy (also known as Robust File Copy) by Microsoft is a free application that allows users to copy entire folders using the command-line interface. This tool was designed as a standard feature of modern versions of Windows. However, Robocopy for Mac is not a viable solution, therefore, you should use other applications. Below is the list of replacements for Robocopy for Mac.

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ChronoSync Free

by Econ Technologies, Inc.

ChronoSync is a useful Mac program that provides you with an efficient and quick way to back up your data. This application enables you to schedule backups to various types of destinations, such as your Google Cloud account, a different local...

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SuperDuper! Free

by Shirt Pocket

SuperDuper! is an advanced, yet easy to use disk copying program. It can, of course, make a straight copy, or "clone" -- useful when you want to move all your data from one machine to another, or do a simple backup.

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Supercopier Free

by Ultracopier

Supercopier is a free and open-source application licensed under GPL3. This simple program acts as a replacement for files copy dialog. The main features of the application includes: - play/pause; - speed limitation; - on-error resume;

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arRsync Free

by arRsync Project

A Mac OS X graphical front end for the utility rsync.

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Unison Free

by Panic Inc

Unison gives you virtual meeting rooms where you can IM, post updates or documents, and talk live whenever needed. It’s a new and faster way to work with your team. These ‘rooms’ can be set up instantly for any topic: a project, a team, a client.

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Turbo Copy Pro Free

by TurboCopy Pro

Turbo Copy Pro enables advanced copy and paste features on your Mac. Main features: - Added Special XLogic to add Turbo speed boost while copying to Portable Drive. - Warns and allow you to empty space if Portable disc is full.

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Cobian Backup
Cobian Backup for Mac

Cobian Backup by Luis Cobian is a piece of software that was designed to help you create backup...

FBackup for Mac

FBackup by Softland is a free-to-use piece of software that can help you easily create backups...

Allway Sync
Allway Sync for Mac

Allway Sync by Botkind Inc. is a piece of software that will let you quickly synchronize files...

AX64 Time Machine
AX64 Time Machine for Mac

AX64 Time Machine by AX64 LLC is an application that will help you create backups of your...

MesNews for Mac

MesNews by Arnaud (MesNews) is a newsgroups reading client. MesNews for Mac has not been released...

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