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Secrets by Androidream is a mobile application that gives you the possibility to hide your important documents, media files and any other types of data on your smartphone. Even if there is no version of Secrets for Mac available for download, there are other tools that can perform similar tasks. Here is a list of alternatives to Secrets for Mac.

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File Locker - Hide&Lock Files Free

by Off Leash Developments Inc.

* Worried about important files/folders from being accidentally modified or deleted? Lock It! * Don't want privacy to be seen by others? Hide It! * Don't want some of your application to be launched by others? Hide it!

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Hide Folders Free

by Altomac

Hide Folders is, as its name implies, a program that lets you conceal folders within your Mac. This application proves to be of good use when you wish to prevent other users from accessing or modifying private files and folders without your...

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Hide My Files Free

by Aravindhan Parasuram

Do you want to hide the folders and files from the prying eyes, friends, kids or parents ? Please download Hide My Files. It will hide the files so that others can't able to see the files without knowing the password.

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Concealer Free

by BeLight Software Ltd.

Concealer is a Mac program designed to help you store your credit card info, email account credentials or personal notes into a single place.

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Easy File Hider Free

by Rebrand Software

Quickly and easily hide files and folders! Your password-protected list of files and folders can be toggled between hidden and visible with the push of a button! What the app can do: -Make files and folders disappear

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Secret Folder Free

by Apimac

Secret Folder is a Mac utility designed to help you conceal directories from your computer and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private data.

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Secret Files X Free

by TryBest Studio

Secret Files X is a Mac utility that might come in handy if you're sharing your computer with other people and wish to prevent them from accessing your private files.

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Acc Files Protection Free

by LDYSoft

Acc Files Protection offers a convenient solution to protect your important data on Mac OS X. You can move some special folders, files, or apps to hide and lock them, so that they will not appear in your Mac Finder.

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Hider 2 Free

by Mac Paw

Hider 2 is an app that lets you hide, encrypt, and password protect private data on your Mac. Just launch Hider 2, enter your password, and select a file to add to the Hider 2 vault.

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AppDefender Pro Free

by com.macinapps

AppDefender Pro allows you control access to applications and protect it by a password. Also you can protect and hide your sensitive data ( folders and files ) without encryption and block keyloggers with AppDefender Pro. Main features:

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ÜberMask Free

by nova media MDS GmbH

UberMask hides files and folders on your Mac. Even from Spotlight. Use UberMask, a MacWorld MacGem 2011 pick, to hide your private data from curious eyes with cyberspeed.

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Secret Folders Free

by Samuco

Secret Folders allows you to easily create and hide secure password protected folders. It is an essential utility for people who want to protect their privacy.

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Hide Files Free


Hide Files is a program for the Mac that simply protects documents and folders from others viewing, modifying, or most importantly deleting.

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Encrypt Files Lite Free

by com.GoodLuckTechnology

Encrypt Files Lite is a lite version of Encrypt Files Professional. Do you want to protect your confidential files convenient? Please download Encrypt Files Lite. It can encrypt all most files.

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