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SmartWhois by TamoSoft is a networking tool that will help you find information about an IP address, domain name or host name. Even though SmartWhois for Mac is not available on the developer's website, there are other applications that can help you with this job. This list provides you with some of the replacements for SmartWhois for Mac.

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NetScan Free

by tk.codemonkeysoftware

NetScan is a better Network Utility for Macs great for network administration and security testing. Heres of the features are: a faster port scanner, ping features with packet flooding, whois, traceroute, finger and more...

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Angry IP Scanner Free

by Anton Keks

Angry IP Scanner is an efficient IP address and port scanner for Mac. This program might prove to be of good use to system administrators who wish to determine if there are any unauthorized devices connected to their network.

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iNetwork Tools Free

by Security Focus Europe

iNetwork Tools is a multi-threaded application for Mac. The app is a collection of useful utilities that include the following: - Network Information: general information about your network. - Whois: is a query and response protocol.

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WhatRoute Free

by Bryan Christianson

WhatRoute is designed to find the names of all the routers an IP packet passes through on its way from your Mac to a destination host.

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QuickWho Free

by WordTech Communications LLC

QuickWho provides a rich array of information about specific Internet domains that surpasses other command-line, GUI or web-based "whois" tools. Are you curious about who owns a particular domain name?

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WhoIs Analyzer Pro Free

by VOSTROM Holdings, Inc.

WhoIs Analyzer Pro provides access to contact records and other information from all registrars and routing registries worldwide without you having to know which one to visit.

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Path Analyzer Pro Free

by Vostrom

Path Analyzer Pro integrates advanced route tracing software with performance measurements, DNS, whois, and specialized network resolution to help investigate network issues.

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Dig Free

by Ranko Rodic

This application is a GUI front-end for DIG program - "DNS lookup utility". Application is designed only for public name servers. In addition you can send emails with query results and access major free DNS resolvers.

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Where Free

by BBG

Where is the desktop version of the IP Whois lookup application. The program helps you find out additional information and map location by domain or IP address.

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