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SpaceSniffer by Uderzo Software e Consulenza Informatica is a free application that will help you view the structure of files and folders on your hard drive using a treemap visualization layout. Basically, this tool is a disk space analyzer that can display the folder structure. Sadly, there is no version of SpaceSniffer for Mac, but there are some other tools that you can try instead. Here is a list of programs that can serve as replacements for SpaceSniffer for Mac.

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SpaceSniffer for Mac OS X: Best alternatives You can use one of these SpaceSniffer for Mac alternatives which were thoughtfully chosen by our editors and user community.


DaisyDisk Free

by Software Ambience Corp.

DaisyDisk is a utility that helps you identify and delete large files from your Mac. It might prove to be of good use if you need to quickly reclaim disk space on your drive.

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Disk Inventory X Free

by Tjark Derlien

This program is a disk usage utility developed for Mac users who wish to know exactly where all of their disk space has gone. The application helps you immediately identify the folders and files that occupy large chunks of space from your drives.

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GrandPerspective Free

by Erwin Bonsma

GrandPerspective is an open source solution for analyzing disk space usage on your Mac. With its help, you can locate the files and folders that take up the most space on your local drives or external storage devices.

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JDiskReport Free

by JGoodies

JDiskReport is a simple app that shows you where your hard drive space has gone. I have recently ran out of space on my Mac for the first time ever.

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WhatSize Free

by ID-Design, Inc.

WhatSize is shareware tool that allows the user to quickly measure the size in bytes of a given folder and all subfolders and files within it. You would be surprised at how many useless files might be laying around on your hard disks.

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Disk Map Free

by FIPLAB Limited

Disk Map makes it easy to visualize the files and folders that are cluttering up your storage drives. It enables you to quickly locate, delete or compress large files and folders on your hard drive and reclaim valuable space.

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Space Gremlin Free

by Sean Christmann

Space Gremlin is a nice application that allows you to know how much occupied space you have on your computer and easily trash those files and folders that you don't use anymore.

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