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Stopwatch by Comfort Software Group is an open source application that will allow you to use a stopwatch and a countdown timer on your computer. Even though there is no version of Stopwatch for Mac available on the Internet, you can easily download other programs that can help you out. So, if you are looking for an alternative to Stopwatch for Mac, the tools from this list can successfully do the job.

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Time Free

by App13x

***** The "TimePlus" version is now available. Also, the iPad version is now available. It's called: "Clock Tacular" Search for "LCARS Clock Tacular" in iTunes.***** The Time app has a Digital Clock, an Alarm Clock, Stopwatch and Countdown Timer.

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Stopwatch Deluxe Free

by Geir-Ove Bøe

Stopwatch Deluxe is an easy to use stopwatch for your Mac with split time functionality. Main features: - Split times and lap times. - Switch between milliseconds for accuracy and seconds to save battery.

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Stopwatch Basics Free

by Rob Stott

Stopwatch Basics is a stopwatch for your Mac with the emphasis on keeping things clean, simple and easy to use. Main features: - Start or stop the timer using hot keys, by clicking the time or by selecting from the function menu.

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Menu Stopwatch Free

by Lars Tholen

A simple and easy to use stopwatch right in your menu bar. - Track hours, minutes and seconds - Start/Stop - Pause, and later continue - hotkeys supported - retina ready - hide time when not in use -> no wasted space What's new in this version:

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Simple StopWatch Free

by 101 Nite, LLC.

Simple Stopwatch allows you to track time without cluttering your display, while also giving you great visual ergonomics at the same time. Main features: - Up to 24 hours. - Keyboard shortcuts. - Resizable. - Always on top. - Faded when inactive.

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Mr Stopwatch Free

by Marian Raafat

Mr Stopwatch is a simple stopwatch for Mac OS X. The application displays the hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds in 00:00:00.0 format. The app also adds an extra stopwatch in the menubar.

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sClock Free

by Svagant, s.r.o

sClock is a simple and easy-to-use time manager. The application is designed to inform you about the current time of a day at your location or at different places of the globe, but you can use it also as a timer and a stopwatch.

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MenuTimer Free

by Devstorm Apps

This program is a Menu Bar utility that helps you monitor the amount of time you spend completing assignments on your Mac. The application features a straightforward interface, brings you simple to configure stopwatch settings, and uses minimum CPU...

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5pmTimeTracker Free

by Disarea LLC

Now you can easily track your time in 5pm using a desktop widget! Use this lightweight stopwatch to track the time you spent on your tasks, then log it into 5pm with a single click! Available at no extra charge to all 5pm clients. Features:

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Stopwatch Free

by Black Belt Software

Stopwatch is a desktop application for tracking the time you spend on work related activities. You can enter the client's billing settings in the client window and all projects, tasks and periods for that client will inherit those settings.

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iChrono Free

by Tossen

This tiny, but very useful widget is a stopwatch with minutes, seconds, tenths within reach. It will be helpful for those who would like to count how much time for doing any task on your Mac will take.

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TimeHunk Free

by Corner-A

TimeHunk is a reliable time management application that can come in handy for various purposes. With this tool you will be able to boost your efficiency by creating your own working schedule with customizable work time intervals as well as breaks.

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TimePlus Free

by David Barnhardt

The TimePlus app has a Digital Clock, 2 Alarm Clocks, 2 Countdown Timers, 4 World Clocks, and a Stopwatch. It displays the current time and date using futuristic graphics in one of 27 color themes, in Full-Screen Mode or Titlebarless Windowed Mode.

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Homework Stopwatch Free

by Mintmomeg

Homework Stopwatch is a timer designed for pre-school children. This application lets you use a stopwatch that kids can see on your Mac's screen while they do their homework. The stopwatch shows a drawing of an animal.

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Apimac Timer Free

by Apimac

Apimac Timer is a Mac utility that comes in handy to people who need to easily measure time on their computers. The application comes with built-in stopwatch, alarm clock, and countdown tools which might prove to be of good use to freelancers...

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    Online Stopwatch Countdown Timer
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    It's a really nice tool Stopwatch App so what you can do here by the timeline - stopwatch slash countdown timer is that you can put this into full-screen mode so you got down here in the bottom and use the timer in full-screen mode so I'm gonna go ahead Learn...

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