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This is a list of alternatives to a mobile game Switch! developed by Atomicom. If you are looking for Switch Audio Converter, developed by NCH Software, please, follow the link: http://macdownload.informer.com/switch-free-music-converter/ Switch! by Atomicom is a space-themed video game, designed for mobile devices. Although Switch! for Mac is not available at the moment, there are other Mac games you can download. Here is a list of possible replacements for Switch! for Mac.

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PapiRiver Free

by Sunflat

PapiRiver is a variation on an old video game where the player slides a car left and right to avoid the walls on an increasingly narrow road. Here, you control the ever-buoyant Papi-head as it floats downstream on an increasingly narrow river.

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Dino Run SE Free

by Pixeljam

Dino Run SE is a horizontal scrolling action game for the Mac. The premise of the game is simple - escape extinction. You control a dinosaur and need to avoid a variety of obstacles to get to the end of each level.

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Space Roads Free

by Smackall Games Pvt Ltd

Remake of an old classic game 'SkyRoads'. Your goal is to complete a road in the space with your ship, whereby you have to avoid obstacles: blocks on the road that you mustn't collide with and gaps in the road that you mustn't fall through.

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Rocket Party Free

by Vetra Games

Rocket Party is a nice game in which you command a cute rocket in vertical mazes with the objective of reaching the target zone. The real difficulty of the game is controlling the thrusters which are independent.

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Avoid - Sensory Overload Free

by NuOxygen

Avoid - Sensory Overload is a frenetic, fast, and challenging arcade runner with an eye-catching graphical style. It offers an addictive arcade gameplay in the spirit of old coin games.

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Addicting Game: Runaway Pengy Free

by Meridian Digital Entertainment Limited

Control this cute penguin to jump, slide and fly through a variety of obstacles while running at an increasingly fast speed. Collect as many fishes as you can along the way to increase your score. Let’s dash! Features:

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Touch Fly Free Free

by Zepetto

Touch Fly Free is an excellent platform game for Mac. It is one of those "casual" games that you just can't stop playing when you first see it. The game puts you in control of a bunny that apparently got into a race with a turtle.

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PapiDrive Free

by Sunflat

PapiDrive is an arcade game developed for Mac users to play it on their spare time. This overly simplistic app provides you with two gameplay modes, allows you to change the display and sound settings according to your needs, and keeps track...

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