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The taskbar is a graphical user interface, designed specifically for Windows operating systems that allows users to quickly launch applications, access the start menu, view opened folders and much more. If you are looking to add a Windows-like taskbar to your Mac, then you might want to take a look at the tools from this list.

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DragThing Free

by James Thomson

DragThing is a smart application that provides an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive set of functionalities for tidying up the desktop in a few simple clicks.

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LaunchBar Free

by Objective Development Software GmbH

LaunchBar is more than just a tool for locating and opening files or programs on your Mac. With its help, you can immediately find information online, make calculations, handle files on your computer, manage clipboard items, access contact details...

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Switcheroo Free

by Carson Baker

Switcheroo is a slim taskbar for the Mac that can be used in conjunction with the Dock or as its replacement. It hides background programs automatically, supports drag-and-drop, and has the ability to launch and quit applications. Main features:

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uBar Free

by Brawer Canada Inc.

uBar is a simple application that might come in handy to users who switched from Windows to Mac. This program gives access to a bar that's pretty similar to Windows' Start bar where you can keep your favorite folders and tools for easier access.

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iTaskbar Free

by Cerbero GmbH

This program is designed for Mac users who wish to have access to a taskbar that's similar to Microsoft's Start bar. The utility places a bar on the bottom side of your screen and provides you with a list showing the contents of your Applications...

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