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Tetris is the name of the famous Russian tile-matching video game where you have to align pieces of various shapes (called tetrominoes) in order to create a horizontal line, without any gaps. If you want to play a game of Tetris on your Mac, then you can easily download one of the tetris apps for Mac from the list below.

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Tetris Zone Free

by Tetris Holding, LLC.

Tetris Zone is a world-famous puzzle game for the Mac. It is also available for Windows. The game features four Tetris modes: Marathon, Challenge, Sprint and Master. The first one is the closest one to the classic mode.

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Cubes Free

by GrassGames

Cubes is one of the many clones of Tetris, a well-known tile-matching puzzle game. This Mac application offers you plenty of game options for display and sound, allows you to create as many profiles as you require, and unlike similar apps...

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Sporktris Free

by Ben Anderman

Sporktris is a clone of Tetris-clones. It doesn't add anything new to the gameplay, it simply tries to do all the important things well. Technical Details Sporktris is written in C, using SDL for graphics and input (for easy portability).

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Not Tetris 2 Free

by Stabyourself.net

Not Tetris 2 is a very interesting Tetris spin-off. It is a free, multi-platform game. It is currently available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

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Mino7 Free

by HotaruTech, Inc.

Mino7 is a very original and fun Tetris clone for Mac. It doesn't really replicate the gameplay found in the original Tetris; instead, the developers took bits and pieces here and there and came up with an entirely new way to play the game.

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Tetri3D Lite Free

by yaoyuping Inc

Tetri3D Lite is a powerful 3D Tetris game for Mac. It supports wall kick, lock delay and move moment. Key Description: - right: move right. - left: move left. - down: move down. - up: counterclockwise rotation. - space: move to bottom at moment.

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Eviltris Free

by Yair irush

Have you ever felt like the computer isn't playing fair? That it is cheating?This game is here to show that you are absolutely right. Eviltris is a tetrislike game, where the computer actually cheats when selecting the next piece.

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FallingUp Free

by kaolin fire

A twist on the traditional "falling tetronimos" game. It starts out simple, but every level gives you a different perspective. The board will flip, spin, and dance.

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