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TViXiE by Mathias Johansson is a piece of software that can help you easily download covers and information about your favorite movies and music in order to build a GUI for your media player. Although there is no version of TViXiE for Mac available on the web, there are some tools that can perform similar tasks. Here are a few alternatives to TViXiE for Mac.

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FeedTurtle Free

by Diego Bianchi

FeedTurtle is a Java-based multimedia manager, focused in particular on download and organization of TV shows. With this app you can get movie information, cast and wallpapers; watch movie trailers; retrieve videogame information and metadata;

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Tube Free

by Appiphany Pty. Ltd.

Tube automates the lookup of movie information. The video files are automatically converted for iTunes, iDevices, and your AppleTV, while appending iMovie or TV Show metadata to them. The results are automatically organized and added to iTunes.

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HubFlow Free

by Tobogan programming

HubFlow is a program designed to help users find and download posters and details about their favorite movies and TV shows. This application...

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MediaElch Free

by MediaElch Team

MediaElch is a media manager for handling movies, TV shows and concerts/music videos in XBMC. The app is designed to gather information from various movie databases on the internet and store these information directly to XBMCs...

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MetaMovie Free

by Appfacture

MetaMovie is intended to help you organize your movie collection. In this regard, the tool can manage all the information related to films, including actors, titles, directors and producers, to mention but a few tags.

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MoviesHunt Free

by Carlo Gandolfi

MoviesHunt is a handy application that helps you find all the information you need regarding a movie; the program comes with an efficient search engine that locates the entered film title on popular websites, such as Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, etc.

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