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uGet by Vladimir Ivanov is an open-source download management application that helps you quickly download files from the Internet. Sadly, a version of uGet for Mac has not yet been developed, so, you will have to use other pieces of software instead. The following list contains some replacements for uGet for Mac.

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jDownloader Free

by JDownloader

JDownloader is an open-source download manager written in Java. Thus, it can be run on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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iGetter Free

by Presenta Ltd.

iGetter is a powerful, full-featured download manager and accelerator. iGetter can greatly improve the speed of your downloads using segmented downloading.

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FreeRapid Downloader Free

by Vity

FreeRapid Downloader is a very nice, free download manager for Mac. It is also available for Windows. With this application, you can download files from file-sharing websites without having to open your web browser.

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Leech Free

by Many Tricks

Leech is an efficient download manager created for Mac users to help them fetch files from the Web. This utility comes as an alternative to working with the download manager that's integrated with your default browser.

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Download Shuttle Free


Download Shuttle is a simple download manager and accelerator designed for Mac. This utility comes as an alternative to using the built-in download manager from your default web browser for fetching files from the Internet.

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eMusic Download Manager Free

by eMusic

EMusic Download Manager is a download manager for the Mac. It works with the eMusic service, which allows you to download music to your computer. The service is not available in every country.

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Progressive Downloader Free

by Maxim Trushin

Progressive Downloader is a utility that enables you to easily and quickly fetch data from the web. This program comes in handy if you need to download multiple large files from the web and avoid using your default browser to do so.

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SecureDownloadManager Free

by California Institute of Technology

The Secure Download Manager (SDM) is e-academy’s proprietary software program for managing the secure download of files from the webstore.

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DAP Free

by SpeedBit Ltd.

DAP is a popular Windows download manager that has made the switch to the Mac system. The application aims to bring the same speed enhanced transfers, intuitive management controls and many other features as well that have made it a favorite among...

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MP3DownloadManager Free

by Verizon Wireless

MP3DownloadManager shows the progress of each download and lets you change the order in which multiple MP3s are downloaded. Main features: - Automatically add downloaded MP3s to your V CAST music with Rhapsody or iTunes library.

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Fiesta Download Manager Free

by MP3panda

Do you want to download all your tracks quickly and without any problems? Check out the Fiesta Download Manager! The program allows you to: - control the traffic speed - re-download your files if internet connection fails

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GameTreeDM Free

by TransGaming Inc

The GameTree Download Manager is an application that assists users with their GameTree Mac purchase experience. The Download Manager specifically helps by managing the downloads of large game files...

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