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WinImage by Gilles Vollant is a freemium application that allows you to create disk images from various sources (disk partitions, CD and DVD drives, USB drives, etc.) and save them in several formats. Sadly, there is no version of WinImage for Mac available for download, but, you can use similar tools to create disk images on your system. Here are some alternatives to WinImage for Mac.

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WinImage for Mac OS X: Best alternatives You can use one of these WinImage for Mac alternatives which were thoughtfully chosen by our editors and user community.


Disk Utility Free

by Apple Inc.

Disk Utility, as its name implies, is a utility for management of hard drive, CD/DVD and compressed image files. Most of its advanced features, such as partitioning, formatting, cloning, partition table management are intended for power...

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DMG Master Free

by Tension Software

DMG Master is a simple and optimized Mac OS X app to create standard DMG Disk Image Archive recognized by any Mac, with just one click.

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Smart Disk Image Utilities Free

by DuanRuiying

Smart Disk Image Utilities helps you create and convert disk images, burn ISO and DMG files, as well as erase CD/DVD RW discs. Namely, you can create a disk image, back up your data and videos to a PC and Mac, and make CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs.

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FolderImager Free

by com.sillycatsoft

FolderImager assembles two functions in unique combination: - FolderImager creates disk images from files and folders. Disk images are useful if you want to transfer files in one single convenient package.

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Appnimi Disk Image Maker Free

by Appnimi, Inc.

Appnimi Disk Image Maker is an app to create an image of the disk without the content. It lets the user carry the information about the files of a disk without having to carry the disk itself.

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Aolor DMG Maker Free

by Aolor Software Co., Ltd.

Aolor DMG Maker is a powerful Mac disk utility developed to create Mac disk image file. Main features: - Make DMG opening window distinctive. - Compress files on as a Mac file compression application.

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HFS Disk Maker Free

by CharlesSoft

HFS Disk Maker is an app which will let you easily create a HFS disk image for any file and/or folder on your hard disk. This is intended to make it easy to import files into emulators such as Mini vMac, Basilisk, etc.

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Disk Imager Free

by Family Friendly Software

Disk Imager allows you to create disk images from folders with customized file system formats, custom volume names, AES-128 bit encryption, and your choice of a few different disk image formats.

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QuickDMG Free

by Tetsuro KURITA

QuickDMG allows you to easily create a disk image from a file or a folder. It is recommended to launch from a launcher of keyboard shortcut, as QuickDMG can create disk image from a selected item in Finder when launched.

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DMG Canvas Free

by Araelium Group

DMG Canvas is a utility designed for Mac users who wish to easily create disk image files. The application has a nice, intuitive interface, supports drag-and-drop actions and various image formats, and provides you with multiple output...

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DropDMG Free

by C-Command Software, LLC.

DropDMG is a Mac utility that comes as an alternative to using Mac's Disk Utility application for creating DMG files. This program also enables you to encrypt, mount, and convert disk image files with just a few clicks.

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DMG Packager Free

by SkoobySoft

Creating a styled disk image each time you put out a new release of your software can be a tedious process. DMG Packager lets you do the whole thing within one easy-to-use GUI application.

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Son of DVD Imager Free

by Laine Lee

The included AppleScript has the functionality of the original DVD Imager, but with less hassles. First create an application from the AppleScript in Script Editor or AppleScript Editor named "Son of DVD Imager".

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SecureDMG Free

by Softech di Germinara Francesco

It's a fast and easy utility to create Disk Image with encryption. You can use the image disk create to store reserved information.Mount of the image disk require the password used when you create the DMG.

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