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Wipe by PrivacyRoot.com is a piece of software that will help you wipe data from your hard drives. Sadly, there is no version of Wipe for Mac available for download, but, there are plenty other of alternative uninstallers for Mac. The following list contains some of the alternatives to Wipe for Mac.

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Wipe for Mac OS X: Best alternatives Our editors hand-picked the best Mac alternatives to Wipe, go ahead and check them out, rate them, or add new ones you find fitting.


MacCleanse Free

by Koingo Software, Inc. & Josh Hoggan

MacCleanse is a Mac utility that helps you get rid of the unneeded data that's slowing down the performance of your system. With its help, you can immediately delete unnecessary cache files from your Mac, find and remove duplicates...

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ShredIt X Free

by Mireth Technology Corp.

Deleted data can be recovered from your computer. Protect your privacy with this easy to use file shredder | hard drive cleaner for Mac OS X that will erase data so it can't be recovered.

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Shred Free

by Jonathan Clark

Shred is a Mac app that allows you to securely erase files, meaning that if they are ever recovered (by specialist software) their content will be useless.

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Space Gremlin Free

by Sean Christmann

Space Gremlin is a nice application that allows you to know how much occupied space you have on your computer and easily trash those files and folders that you don't use anymore.

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File Shredder Free

by HALFBIT ltd.

File Shredder is an application designed to permanently shred files and folders from your system to keep information secure and impossible for anyone to retrieve.

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Permanent Eraser Free

by Edenwaith

Permanent Eraser allows you to securely delete files. When you normally delete your files in Mac OS X, the operating system is only forgetting where those particular files are placed, while the data still physically remains on the drive.

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MacAppStuff Blank Free

by MacAppStuff

MacAppStuff Blank lets you wipe free space on your Mac. In this case, wiping refers to securely deleting data so that no files can be recovered by file forensic applications.

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Trash X Free

by Northern Softworks

Trash X is a simple application that works just like the classic Mac OS trashcan for Mac OS X, but it also provides you with some additional features that can be quite useful in various situations.

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Incinerator Free

by Ryan Bowring

Incinerator is an application that provides you with a solution when you remove sensitive data from your computer. By working with this program, you can make sure that other users won't be able to restore deleted files, folders or apps...

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