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ZaraStudio by Kero Systems S.L. is an application that was designed to automate radio stations. This piece of software can also be used in supermarkets, coffee shops and other locations, in order to play music automatically. Since there are no plans for the release of ZaraStudio for Mac, you can try any of the applications found on this list. These tools can easily replace ZaraStudio for Mac and will take care of your radio automation needs.

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ZaraStudio for Mac OS X: Best alternatives Try out the alternative software to ZaraStudio for Mac which was thoroughly picked by our editors to satisfy your needs.


Nicecast Free

by Rogue Amoeba Software, Inc.

Nicecast is a very nice audio streaming tool for the Mac. This app has been made with a lot of attention to detail, and you can tell by simply launching it for the first time.

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MegaSeg Free

by Fidelity Media, Inc.

MegaSeg is a complete solution for pro audio/video DJ mixing, radio automation, and music scheduling with rock-solid performance and an easy-to-use design. Mix with visual waveforms and Magic Trackpad cue and sync.

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MyRadio Free

by Dmytro Rybachenko

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video certainly adds a good few more on top of that. Watch the presentation video at our website. There you can also find Radio Recorder User Manual. Stream it. Record it. Keep it.

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Radiologik Scheduler Free

by MacinMind Software, Inc.

This release of the Scheduler component of Radiologik is a public development build of the features of Radiologik Scheduler Basic. It is a free complement to Radiologik DJ.

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5by5 Radio Free

by 5by5 Productions, LLC

5by5 Radio plays the live stream of 5by5, an online podcast broadcaster, from the menu bar. In addition to playback, it provides an up-to-date schedule of upcoming shows, user notifications when selected shows are live (using Mountain Lion's...

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