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You might want to test the speed of your Internet connection if you wish to find out exactly how fast you can download or upload files on various servers. There are many applications that can help you estimate the speed of your Internet on Mac, and you can easily find some of them on the following list.

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NetSpeedometer Free

by SubRosaSoft. Inc

NetSpeedometer is a bandwidth measuring app for the Mac. The application is a big speedmeter that tells you the bandwidth usage of your Mac's network adapters.

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Network Inspector Free

by Tian Jianwen

This program is exactly what its name suggests: a utility that monitors your network. With its help, you can learn detailed information regarding your current network traffic, IP address, the name of the network you're connected to...

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Internet Speed Meter Free

by VNK

Internet Speed Meter displays the Internet speed in the status bar, allowing you to monitor the speed anytime while using your Internet. Main features: - Easy to use. - Real time speed update in status bar.

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by Rain Ruus

Test your Internet speed with Internet Speed Test. Check download and upload speeds to learn how fast your broadband Internet connection really is.

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Network Speed Monitor Free

by Cokesoft

Network Speed Monitor is a simple app that lets you monitor network activity. Once installed, the application will run on the menubar. It will display both upload and download speeds.

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MagicanLite Free

by com.magican

Magican Lite is a free system monitor utility. It could help users monitor CPU and memory usage, watch on download and upload speed and detect temperature of CPU and GPU from the tiny and flexible floating window.

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iNetMonitor Free

by Leo Mesentsev

iNetMonitor is an utility for the up- and download speed measurements on your Mac. It draws a histogram chart for the better visual network activity monitoring and calculates the current traffic speed updated every second.

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Network Logger Free

by Lyle Andrews

Record speeds and network outages with graphs and detailed logs. You can end flaky network nightmares right now by catching them in the act and providing irrefutable documentation of what has been happening.

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