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Network Probe by ObjectPlanet, Inc. is an application that can help you monitor your network traffic and analyze network protocols in real time. Unfortunately, Network Probe for Mac is not available on the Internet. Nevertheless, there are several other tools that you can use in order to monitor your network. Here is a list of alternatives to Network Probe for Mac.

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Network Probe for Mac OS X: Best alternatives You can use one of these Network Probe for Mac alternatives which were thoughtfully chosen by our editors and user community.


Net Monitor Free

by Guy Meyer

Net Monitor is an application that analyzes the network activity of your computer. It logs traffic-related issues, generates history reports, and calculates traffic between dates.

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Hands Off! Free

by One Periodic Inc.

Hands Off! is a Mac program that provides you with an easy and quick way to prevent any of your running utilities from accessing the Internet. By working with this application you can prevent sending sensitive information without your approval.

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Private Eye Free

by Juuso Salonen

Private Eye is a Mac program designed for users who wish to monitor incoming and outgoing connections on their computers. This application lets you know which of the running utilities are sending or receiving...

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iNet Free

by Ba­nanaGlue

iNet provides you with information about networks your Mac is connected to. Its very easy and user friendly design allows even the unexperienced user to get a profound and understandable overview of a network and the running services.

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Network Inspector Free

by Tian Jianwen

This program is exactly what its name suggests: a utility that monitors your network. With its help, you can learn detailed information regarding your current network traffic, IP address, the name of the network you're connected to...

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MenuMeters Free

by Raging Menace

MenuMeters is a system monitoring tool for Mac computers. It displays real-time information about disk activity, CPU, memory usage, and network throughput. The program doesn't come with a classic interface as most similar utilities provide.

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NetCheck Free

by Plum Amazing

NetCheck is a network monitoring tool that enables you to check the servers state and delivers complete and customized reports with the Internet activity within your Mac.

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PacketStream Free

by Kevin Walzer

PacketStream provides point-and-click activation of the Mac's built-in network monitoring program, which is usually available only from the command line.

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Hardware Monitor Remote Free

by Marcel Bresink Software-Systeme

The program Hardware Monitor Remote is an add-on to the program Hardware Monitor for the Mac OS X operating system. Hardware Monitor Remote allows you to use a hardware monitoring service on a remote Macintosh system.

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Mocha Free

by Nurullah Akkaya

Mocha is a tool that monitors your network activity and keeps a record of IP/MAC address pairings and firewall logs. It will give a warning when it notices any suspicious activity, like any changes in MAC address or any connection attempt...

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Egis Free

by Little Big Monster Inc.

Egis is a network activity monitoring tool for the Mac. It displays all the network connections that are active and it can be configured to refresh every 5 seconds so that you can see new connections as well.

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PortsMonitor Free

by Tickplant

PortsMonitor is a system utility for monitoring system TCP/IP network connections by application, and connections' status. With search-expression support, you can filter connections with preferred conditions.

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Network Speed Monitor Free

by Cokesoft

Network Speed Monitor is a simple app that lets you monitor network activity. Once installed, the application will run on the menubar. It will display both upload and download speeds.

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NetAdmin Free

by com.aribada.osx

NetAdmin is a fully automated powerful monitoring tool which continuously provides diverse information on the network you are connected. In your offices and homes, many devices would have been connected to the network.

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