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Moffsoft FreeCalc by Moffsoft is a freeware application that will help you perform basic mathematical calculations on your computer. Even though Moffsoft FreeCalc for Mac is not available for download, there are other similar tools you can use on Mac. The following list provides you with some replacements for Moffsoft FreeCalc for Mac.

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Calculator Free

by Apple Inc.

The Calculator application allows you to perform simple arithmetic calculations, complex logarithmic calculations and logical operations. It includes three modes: basic, programmer and scientific.

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Soulver Free

by Acqualia Software Pty. Ltd.

Soulver is a math calculation utility designed for Mac. This nicely-designed program enables you to combine text content with math operators, provides you with accurate results in no time, and allows you to export your calculations to multiple...

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Numi Free

by Dmitry Nikolaev

Numi is a utility that comes as an alternative to using Mac's Calculator app for solving math equations. The application features a nicely-designed interface, immediately provides you with the accurate results you need, and comes without a price...

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Calq Free

by Katoemba Software

Calq is a simple Menu Bar application that provides you with a quick way to solve basic calculations. Different from Mac's default Calculator utility, this program can be launched with a keys' combination and offers you the results you require...

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CalcMadeEasy Free - Scientific Calculator with Auto Notes Free

by com.ltp.macos

One of the Best Calculators for Mac. CalcMadeEasy FREE version comes with fully functional Scientific Calculator and Notepad. Once start using this, you won’t go to other calculator.

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Handy Calculator Free

by Alice Dev Team

Handy Calculator is a simple Mac application that comes in handy when you wish to make basic calculations on your computer. The program provides you with a nicely-designed and user-friendly interface...

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Calculator PRO Free

by Synaptic Wave

Calculator Expert is the most precise mathematical app for your Mac. It lets you conduct an unlimited amount of calculations accurate to the very last digit. Calculator Expert uses a highly precise mathematical library.

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Etsy Fee Calculator Free

by RedVok Software

The Etsy Fee Calculator is a lightweight Mac application that, as its name clearly states, can help you calculate the total profit of your sales.

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Calculator • Free Free

by BetaUnltd LLC

A simple calculator that will suit your everyday calculation needs. Calculate decimals, percentages & much more in this beautifully crafted top bar app.

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