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Process Explorer by Mark Russinovich is a free application that, as you can probably tell from its name, will let you view what processes are running on your system and provide you with additional information about them. Currently, there is no version of Process Explorer for Mac available for download, but there are some other tools that can do the job. So, if you are looking for alternatives to Process Explorer for Mac, then any of the apps from this list will fit the role.

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atMonitor Free

by atPurpose Technologies

atMonitor is the most advanced monitoring tool for Mac OS X that displays system activity in real-time. It is designed to allow quick assessment of computer's state, but it is powerful enough to make it a core utility in anyone's...

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iPulse Free

by The Iconfactory

iPulse is a system monitoring application that lets you peek at the inner workings of OS X through a clever and visually compact user interface.

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MiStat Free

by Bjango

Keep an eye on all your Mac's vitals with MiStat, a beautiful system monitor.LOTS OF STATS.MiStat shows detailed information for your CPU, memory, disk usage, temperatures, fan speeds, disk activity, network activity and processes...

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XRG Free

by Gaucho Software

XRG (X Resource Graph) is an open-source system monitor for OS X. XRG allows you to monitor CPU activity, GPU activity, memory usage, battery status, machine temperature, network activity, disk I/O, current weather, and stock market data.

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ProcessRenicer Free

by Jean-David Gadina

ProcessRenicer is an easy-to-use Mac application that provides you with the possibility to modify the "nice" value of any process you might have running on your system.

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MagicanLite Free

by com.magican

Magican Lite is a free system monitor utility. It could help users monitor CPU and memory usage, watch on download and upload speed and detect temperature of CPU and GPU from the tiny and flexible floating window.

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