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This is a list of alternatives to Shades by Eyes-Free Project. If you are looking for Shades color picker by Chromatic Bytes, please follow the link below: Shades by Eyes-Free Project is an application that was designed to allow you to change the brightness of your mobile device's screen beyond the standard capabilities. Even though Shades for Mac is not available on the market, there are other tools you can use to adjust the brightness of your screen. Here is a list of replacements for Shades for Mac.

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Shades for Mac OS X: Best alternatives Try out the alternative software to Shades for Mac which was thoroughly picked by our editors to satisfy your needs.


Brighter-Screen Lite Free

by BrilliantWhy, Inc.

It improves brightness control more than Apple's way. Traditionally, the iMac product line have a dark gamma value less than windows or TV. This application can adjust brightness easily dim or bright.

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Brightness Slider Free

by ACT Productions

Adjusting the brightness on your screen to a proper value is quite important when it comes to long work sessions as it can help your eyes better get accustomed to the environment.

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EasyOnTheEyes Free

by SmartCodeHQ

Working late at night in front of your bright screen might be quite troublesome to your eyes. For this reason, programs like EasyOnTheEyes were developed: to help you reduce the luminosity level of your display and avoid dealing with sight...

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Shady Free


Shady is a system utility that lets you adjust your Mac's brightness. In certain occasions, looking at your Mac's monitor can be uncomfortable, especially in low-light conditions.

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Dimmer Than Dim Free

by Zillion Mobile Inc.

Dimmer than Dim helps you to reduce eye strains and radiation by breaking the brightness limit of your screen settings. You may find that even using the minimum brightness level is still dazzling.

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Shade Control Free

by Tapfuze

Shade Control places a dark transparent shade over your display to provide a wider range of brightness settings. Don't suffer from eye strain any longer. Shade Control is your new best friend.

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Screen Shade Free

by iLifeTouch

Screen Shade allows you to control the brightness of your screen. This customizable app allows you to place a shade over your screen to reduce the strain on your eyes.

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Brightness menu bar Free

by SandwichLab

As its name clearly states, the Brightness menu bar is a small Mac application that allows you to modify the brightness of your screen.

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