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Twilight by Urbandroid Team is an application which automatically adjusts the light intensity on user's screen based on the current time of the day to protect eyes against eye strain. Unfortunately, there is no version of Twilight for Mac released yet, therefore users will have to choose other applications from the same category. This is a list with some of the alternatives to Twilight for Mac.

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HazeOver Free

by Maxim Ananov

HazeOver helps you focus by emphasizing an active window by fading out inactive ones. Heavy multi-tasking kills your concentration. All those tweets, emails, chat messages and lolcats staring back at you from the background.

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Brighter-Screen Lite Free

by BrilliantWhy, Inc.

It improves brightness control more than Apple's way. Traditionally, the iMac product line have a dark gamma value less than windows or TV. This application can adjust brightness easily dim or bright.

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ShadeIt Free

by net.dsd

ShadeIt dims your screen even more than current monitor settings allow. This is most interesting at night when you want to work without room lights switched on. ShadeIt supports multiple monitors and spaces.

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Brightness Slider Free

by ACT Productions

Adjusting the brightness on your screen to a proper value is quite important when it comes to long work sessions as it can help your eyes better get accustomed to the environment.

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Fokus Free

by Didstopia

Fokus allows you to concentrate on a single application by intelligently dimming other applications. Key Features Boosts productivity and reduces eye strain Supports multiple monitors Customize brightness...

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