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If you are looking for an application that can help you edit misspelled subtitles or even create new ones for your favorite movies, then you will need a subtitle editor. The following list provides you with several tools that can help you do that.

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Subtitle Edit for Mac OS X: Best alternatives You can use one of these Subtitle Edit for Mac alternatives which were thoughtfully chosen by our editors and user community.


Jubler Free

by Panayotis Katsaloulis

Subtitles come in handy to people with hearing problems or who aren't familiar with the language that's being used in the movie they're watching. Unfortunately, Mac OS X doesn't provide you with a default tool for handling this type of files.

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Aegisub Free

by Aegisub Team

Subtitles are captions that are usually displayed on the bottom side of the screen and are created to help viewers with hearing problems understand and follow dialogues.

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Subtitle Factory Free

by Tranquillity Base

Subtitle Factory is a simple subtitle editor for MP4/mov files and most files that are playable in QuickTime Player. ・Create/delete subtitle tracks
・Multiple subtitle tracks
・Insert/delete/edit a subtitle text
・Edit a subtitle text start time

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SubtitleEditor Free

by misee

SubtitleEditor is a program for editing subtitles. You can change the start or end time of a subtitle. Also, it’s possible to shift one or more subtitles, that is, add or subtract time to both start and end time.

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Subtitle Studio Free

by TheKeptPromise

Subtitle Studio is the only subtitle solution you will ever need: find, adjust, edit, create, embed. Everything in one app -- and we are just getting started. It's great to watch movies in their original language.

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Subtitle Workshop XE Free

by URUWorks

There is an easy and free way to create subtitles. Subtitle Workshop is the most complete, efficient and convenient freeware subtitle editing tool.

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Sears Free

by Sears Team

Sears is a Subtitle Editor And Re-Synchronizer. When your ST (SubTitle) file does not match the movie file you have. When you want to re-write some ST. Sears is made for you. What Sears can do for you? Sears can delay your subtitle.

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Kolibri Free

by Kallysta SARL

Kolibri has an intuitive and elegant interface along with powerful calculating tools to subtitle movies and videos with unparalleled ease and speed.

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Subtitle Lab Free

by InSili

The Best Subtitle editor for your Mac Drag'n'drop your Subtitles File (.SRT) into the Subtitle Lab and quickly edit, preview, adjust (if the subtitles appear earlier or later than supposed to) or synchronize them, if the original...

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SubtitleReSync Free

by Rob Ista

SubtitleReSync is the SRT-subtitle editor you've always wanted with clever synchronization, maintenance and translation functions.

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Subtitles theEditor Free

by Wide SD

"Subtitles theEditor" is a subtitle synchronization, editing, and translation tool for Mac OS X. It uses an advanced synchronization algorithm for the best results.

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    almost no examples. I'd like to see how the streamer with subtitles will be looking like, before I download it. Besides…I need a black text streamer with white letters on.

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