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XWidget by XWidget Software is a free-to-use desktop customization tool that allows you to add and customize widgets on your desktop. Even if there is no version of XWidget for Mac available on the web, you can try using other applications that can perform similar tasks. Here are several alternatives to XWidget for Mac.

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GeekTool Free

by Tynsoe.org

GeekTool is an application for OS X 10.6 or later. It lets you display various kinds of information on your desktop via 3 default plug-ins:File plugin to monitor OS X activity with /var/log/system...

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MenuMeters Free

by Raging Menace

MenuMeters is a system monitoring tool for Mac computers. It displays real-time information about disk activity, CPU, memory usage, and network throughput. The program doesn't come with a classic interface as most similar utilities provide.

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Amnesty Free

by Danny Espinoza

Amnesty is a menulet application that runs Dashboard widgets directly on your desktop. This allowed a number of unique features: giving Konfabulator-like features to widgets (desktop level, opacity), advanced compositing (rotation and scaling)...

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Widget Manager Free

by Apple Inc.

Downloading, installing, and removing Dashboard widgets has been greatly improved in Mac OS X 10.4.2 and later. If you want to remove or disable widgets in Mac OS X 10.4.2 or later, meet Widget Manager! To access Widget Manager, simply do this:

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DesktopWidget Free

by Deep IT

This program doesn't come as an alternative to working with Mac's Dashboard app for managing widgets. The application is simply an extension to the aforementioned Mac default utility that gives you access to various settings...

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Desklets Free

by The Alchemist Guild

Desklets are widgets that can be arranged over the desktop for a variety of uses like: updates, todo lists, weather, date and time, decorations, system profiling and much more.

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