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Auto clickers are applications that can greatly help you out if you want to automate your daily digital routine. These tools are extremely efficient if you have to spend much time on the Internet and are exposed to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Whatever the reasons, you can feel free to download one of the auto clickers for Mac found on the list below.

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Free Mouse Auto Clicker for Mac OS X: Best alternatives You can use one of these Free Mouse Auto Clicker for Mac alternatives which were thoughtfully chosen by our editors and user community.


Macro Recorder Free

by MurGaa

Macro Recorder is a simple application that allows you to record all types of Mouse and Keyboard Actions. Number of Actions being Recorded are displayed in the Main Window so as to give you an idea of what's being recorded while your do Mouse...

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Random Mouse Clicker Free

by MurGaa

Random Mouse Clicker allows you to automate Left, Right & Middle Mouse Button Clicks. This Mac Automation Utility also allows you to hold any of the mouse buttons as long as you want.

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MouseRecorder Free

by Jitbit Software

Mouse Recorder is a free automation tool for the Mac. It is a very simple macro recorder which you can use to record the movement and use of the buttons of your mouse to automate simple and repetitive tasks.

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Auto Mouse Click Free

by MurGaa Softwares

On a broad level, Mac Auto Mouse Click can be used to create a file which can store Mouse Clicks, Keystrokes, and other Actions. The files created by Mac Auto Mouse Click software can be stored to desktop or to any other location using Finder...

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Auto Mouse Mover Free

by MurGaa

Mac Auto Mouse Click is an app that allows you to script mouse clicks. There are configurable keyboard shortcuts available in the software which can be of help when creating an automated script with selected mouse actions.

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