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Macro Express (or MacroExpress) by Insight Software is an application that gives you the possibility to record and play both keyboard and mouse macros. Since MacroExpress for Mac is not available for download, you might want to try other tools that can help you automate your Mac. The following list contains some automation programs that can easily replace MacroExpress for Mac.

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iKey Free

by Plum Amazing

iKey allows creation of shortcuts that perform an action or sequence of actions each of which can be launched by key combinations or menu or event.

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Macro Recorder Free

by MurGaa

Macro Recorder is a simple application that allows you to record all types of Mouse and Keyboard Actions. Number of Actions being Recorded are displayed in the Main Window so as to give you an idea of what's being...

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Random Mouse Clicker Free

by MurGaa

Random Mouse Clicker allows you to automate Left, Right & Middle Mouse Button Clicks. This Mac Automation Utility also allows you to hold any of the mouse buttons as long as you want.

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MouseRecorder Free

by Jitbit Software

Mouse Recorder is a free automation tool for the Mac. It is a very simple macro recorder which you can use to record the movement and use of the buttons of your mouse to automate simple and repetitive tasks.

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Keyboard Maestro Free

by Stairways Software Pty Ltd.

Keyboard Maestro is a program that provides you with a simple and quick way to manage macros. You can use this utility to create your own macros to execute various types of actions, such as launching certain Mac tools...

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MadRuby Free

by wingsforpigs

MadRuby is an on-the-fly keyboard macro recorder. You simply start recording while using any application, perform a task using the keyboard, stop recording and play it back as many times as you want, anywhere you want.

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