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AutoHotkey by AutoHotkey is a powerful and easy-to-use program that will help you automate any actions that can be performed using your mouse and keyboard. However, you can't use it on Mac due to compatibility issues, but on this list of alternatives to AutoHotkey for Mac you can find many substitutes. All the tasks that AutoHotkey for Mac would perform can be easily performed by these programs. They will allow creating shortcuts, hotkeys, remap the keyboard, and control your mouse or joystick.

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iKey Free

by Plum Amazing

iKey allows creation of shortcuts that perform an action or sequence of actions each of which can be launched by key combinations or menu or event.

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Keyboard Maestro Free

by Stairways Software Pty Ltd.

Keyboard Maestro is a program that provides you with a simple and quick way to manage macros. You can use this utility to create your own macros to execute various types of actions, such as launching certain Mac tools...

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TextExpander for Mac Free

by SmileOnMyMac

TextExpander (was Textpander) is a customizable typing shortcut tool that saves time and keystrokes. With TextExpander, you can define abbreviations for frequently-used text strings and images, also known as snippets.

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KeyBindingsEditor Free

by bitart

KeyBindingsEditor is a GUI-based editor for OS X key bindings. It is designed for easy editing and supports single-action bindings (one action per keystroke), multi-action bindings (multiple actions for a keystroke), and Emacs meta binding...

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Karabiner Free

by org.pqrs

Karabiner is a powerful and stable keyboard customizer for OS X. The application allows you to easily customize from prepared settings. You can also add your own settings by XML.

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TypeIt4Me Free

by Ettore Software Ltd.

Everyone who's in the content-writing business or sends countless emails on a daily basis will find TypeIt4Me a very useful office tool.

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BlazingStars Free

by Steven Hamblin

BlazingStars is an attempt to provide an OS X alternative to Windows AutoHotKey programs that interface with online poker clients like PokerStars.

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